SPHINX Research & Consulting is an Israeli-based research company that provides global benchmarking and best practice analysis, competitive analysis, market research, regulatory review and client survey services, with a specific focus on the Israeli market.

We work with change-oriented business leaders to assist them in making better decisions and converting those decisions to lasting results.


We advise our clients on how to take their next step forward. For some that will involve thinking through looking at expansions into untapped industries or geographies, for others it will be designing new marketing or sustainability strategies, for many, it will include learning from the best available practice and the most relevant benchmark.

Global Benchmarking and Best Practice Analysis

Sphinx provides global benchmarking services that allow our clients to find the most relevant global research and insights. This vital information allows our clients to learn what and how other companies are acting and dealing with familiar challenges. It enables them to think big, look to the future and adapt their plans accordingly.

Market Entry

Whether we are working for international companies interested in entering the Israeli market or Israeli companies interested in going abroad, we provide clients with a complete market analysis that includes reviews of the practical hurdles, local polling of current and potential clients, the competitive landscape, the regulatory environment and international agreements.

Business Plans 

Our team writes professional and comprehensive business plans for our clients. We review the entire business eco-system of their prospective operation, including the analyses of the relevant markets, technologies and work systems, go-to-market strategy, regulatory environment and finances, that allow our clients to raise funds and prepare for the future.



we believe

At Sphinx, our client’s success is our mission. We can only fulfill that mission by making sure our services are relevant, high quality and timely. We exist to see our clients seize opportunities.



we do it

We understand that information and knowledge are not the same. Yes, we will access public information from various sources and databases in various languages (OSINT – Open Source Intelligence) but we will also go far beyond that to speak to those closest to our target area who can add insight to information (Humint – Human Intelligence). This combination of primary and secondary research allows us to draw a complete picture of the business opportunity ahead.



Sphinx Research & Consulting

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