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Founder & CEO

Sefi Kedmi is the founder and CEO of Sphinx Research & Consulting. He holds an MBA from London Business School as well as an LL.B & LL.M in Business Law and a B.A in government and politics.

Prior to his position Sefi was a research manager in an international research firm, Sefi had a previous career in consulting and is a certified Israeli lawyer.

Languages: Hebrew, English, Russian, French and Arabic

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VP - Client Management & Business Development

Eyal Blank has vast experience working as a business development manager in leading global firms, such as EY. Before joining Sphinx, he headed the business development of a medical device startup.

Eyal has extensive experience in helping entrepreneurs and companies with defining their goals and building the milestones to achieve them. His main expertise is in technology commercialization, market analysis, marketing and sales development and fundraising.


Languages: Hebrew and English




Public Sector & Organizational Development Manager

Hagar is an organizational consultant specializing in policy development in the public sector. She has strong research skills, including conducting benchmarks and comparative studies.

Hagar served 9 years in the IDF as an Intelligence Research Analyst. She holds a B.A in Middle Eastern History and Philosophy, and M.A in Organizational Development and Behavior.

Languages: Hebrew and English



FMCG & Industry Manager

Born and raised in Argentina, Romina has gained tremendous experience in researching behavioral economics and innovation in finance and e-commerce.

Romina has a strong background in statistical analysis and holds an MBA, an M.A. in Science Information as well as a B.A. in International Relationships and Political Science.

​Languages: Spanish, Hebrew and English

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Social Media and Mena Region Manager

Reut holds a B.A in Middle Eastern History and M.A in Communication Research, and specializes in media monitoring and strategic audience research.


Reut has extensive experience managing research services, training, leading research teams, and implementing operation methodologies in intelligence desks.


Reut is experienced in working with academic, government, and military clients, alongside non-profit organizations, and commercial companies. She’s passionate about the Arabic language and media landscape.


Languages: Hebrew, English, and Arabic



Sales Manager & Senior East Asia Analyst 

Sarit has a BA in Asian studies and political science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


Post-graduation she worked in South Korea and gained experience in the Korean market and culture.


Sarit is a highly experienced analyst and has a lot of experience in the Korean market and in government focused projects. AM is one of Sphinx's Senior Sales Managers as well as an East-Asia analyst.

Languages: Hebrew, English, Russian and Korean

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China Expert

Born in Shanghai and based in Tel Aviv, Wei Cheng is Sphinx’s China Manager.


In the past 7 years, she has been working in tech and investments. Prior to her position, Wei was a Partner in a global growth services company helping start-ups grow and enter new markets. She has vast VC experience covering investments, portfolio management, and investor relationships.


Wei holds an MBA from Tel Aviv University’s Recanati Business School as well as a B.S of Biotechnology.  


Languages: Mandarin, English, Hebrew



Healthcare & eCommerce Senior Associate

Dvir is currently in the 4th year of his Medical degree at Tel Aviv University, previously taking part in medical-related programs such as Harvard and MIT's "Nir school of the heart" and volunteering for 4 years in MDA (Israel's national emergency medical, disaster, ambulance and blood bank service).

Dvir has more than 5 years of multi-disciplinary research experience, some of them as an officer in the IDF's Home Front Command.

Languages: Hebrew, English and Japanese



Mena Region & Legal Benchmarking Senior Associate

Lior served in an IDF intelligence unit, specialising in data collection through multiple Arab sources.

Lior has more than three years of business OsInt experience beyond his military service and is currently reading into a bachelor's degree (double major) in Law and Accounting.

Languages: Hebrew, English and Arabic



Natural Resources, Industry & Geopolitics Associate

Born in Italy, Lucrezia holds a BA in Intercultural Communications, MS in Anthropological and Ethnological science, MA in Diplomacy & Conflict Studies and in Contemporary Middle Eastern Politics and a PhD in Political Science.

Lucrezia specializes in the geopolitics of MEA, EU, Russia and CIS, international and domestic security, strategic negotiations and mediation processes.

Languages: English, Italian, French, Russian, Spanish and Hebrew



Financial Services Junior Associate

Michal served in the IDF 8200 intelligence, specialising in foreign relations analysis.


Michal is currently completing her B.A. degree in Business Management and International Relations.

Michal has extensive research experience and leads multiple projects in a wide array of subjects, predominantly in the financial sector.

Languages: Hebrew, English and French



Legal & Public Sector Senior Analyst

Korin is a Legal and Technology Senior Analyst at Sphinx, working on regulatory benchmarking projects.

She is a certified lawyer and has an LL.B. and B.A. in Business Administration from IDC, Herzilya, specializing in Finance and Risk Management.

Prior to her position, Korin worked various roles in the tech industry, after serving in a classified technology unit in the Israeli Prime Minister's Office.


Languages: Hebrew and English


MENA Region Senior Analyst

Yonatan is an experienced analyst proficient in qualitative research in government policies, regulation, and cross-sector projects and collaborations.


Yonatan is a PhD candidate in Arabic, Islamic, and Middle Eastern Studies. He holds a B.A. and M.A. in the field and brings his academic experience to the fore of Sphinx's research.


Languages: Arabic Hebrew and English


Senior Healthcare Analyst

Dvora, a certified medic and is currently a medical student in an international program of a top university in Italy.

Dvora served in a top IDF intelligence unit as a Webint, Osint and research specialist and has gained a lot of experience in CIS countries.


Languages: Hebrew, English, Russian and Italian


Business Analyst 

Yonatan is a business analyst with a background in research, market analysis and M-health.


He holds a double major B.A in Economics and Psychology from Ben-Gurion university.


Previously managing an international research team and consulting to various businesses.

Languages: Hebrew and English


Healthcare Analyst

Michal is a 3rd year MD student in Ben Gurion University. She holds a in Biology and Psychology.

In the army, served in the IDF 8200 intelligence unit as a communication analyst.

Languages: Hebrew and English


Cyber Security Analyst

Sapir served in the IDF 8200 intelligence, specializing in intelligence detection and analysis.


Sapir is currently completing her B.A. degree in Political Sciences and International Relations.


Sapir has extensive research and analysis experience and previously worked as a cyber-security analyst and training development manager.


Languages: Hebrew, English



TMT Analyst

Noa is B.A. student in communications and geography at Tel Aviv university.


She served in the IDF 8200 intelligence unit, specializing in the detection and analysis of open-source intelligence.


Languages: Hebrew, English and Arabic



Financial and Business Plan Analyst

Avishay served in the "Kfir" Brigade as squad commander and sergeant.


Avishay holds B.A in Business Administration focused on accounting and is now studying for his M.A in Technological Entrepreneurship.


Languages: Hebrew and English.

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Legal and Business Analyst

Gil is currently pursuing an LL.B and Economics at Tel Aviv University.
He served in the IDF 8200 intelligence unit, specializing in collecting and analyzing data from multiple sources, and also served as a training specialist.

Languages: Hebrew and English. 



E. Asia and MENA Region Analyst

During her time in the IDF, Adi served in a top-tier intelligence unit, specializing in the collection and analysis of data in Arabic.


Adi is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in business management and East-Asian studies at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Languages: Hebrew, English, Arabic, Japanese and Korean

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Lingual & Data Analyst

During her time in the IDF, Yael served as an officer in various instructing roles.
She has a B.A in English and Linguistics and is currently studying for her M.A in Literary Translation.

Yael's responsibilities include translation and proofreading of Hebrew and English documents and projects in all sectors.

Languages: Hebrew, English, French, Italian and Bahasa (Indonesia)



MENA region Analyst

Ryan served for 3 years in the IDF intelligence unit as a Webint Analyst and continued to do so in a private business company for 2 additional years. He specializes in both HUMINT and OSIONT and has vast experience in middle eastern culture, business and law.

Ryan is currently reading into a bachelor's degree in Sustainability & Government at Reichman University - IDC Herzliya.


Languages: Arabic Hebrew and English



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