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SPHINX Research & Consulting is an Israeli-based research company that provides global benchmarking and best practice analysis, competitive analysis, market research, regulatory review and client survey services, with a specific focus on the Israeli market.

We work with change-oriented business leaders to assist them in making better decisions and converting those decisions to lasting results.


We advise our clients on how to take their next step forward. For some that will involve thinking through looking at expansions into untapped industries or geographies, for others it will be designing new marketing or sustainability strategies, for many, it will include learning from the best available practice and the most relevant benchmark.

Market Research and Benchmarking

We provide market research services that enable our clients to review the local market, identify target markets, map their opportunity and learn about their competition and the local regulatory system and its barriers.

We also provide in-depth analysis of our clients’ benchmark, peer groups and industry best practices.

Business Plan Writing & Business Development

We assist start-ups as well as established companies assess their potential and raise funds by writing a professional business plan. The business plan includes a full review of the client’s potential market and competition, growth potential, regulation, risk analysis, entry barriers, value proposition analysis and a financial model.

With our partners, we enable our clients to materialize their plans and access fundraise.  

Business Intelligence & Due Diligence

We provide our clients with business intelligence and competitive reviews in various markets and industries around the world, combining both Human and Open-Source intelligence tools.

We also assist our clients in uncovering critical information about potential partners, employees and sides in legal disputes.

Innovation Review

In order to stay up to date with current events and innovation we use our tools and data bases to provide a thorough and in-depth review of trends, developments and innovations, all tailored to the client’s needs and design. This serves both as a marketing tool as well as an internal source of information



Consumer Products

CSR & Sustainability


Energy, Oil & Gas

Financial Services



Industrial Goods Services
Industrial ​Infrastructure

Government & Public Sector



Utilities & Renewables


we believe

At Sphinx, our client’s success is our mission. We can only fulfill that mission by making sure our services are relevant, high quality and timely. We exist to see our clients seize opportunities.


we do it

We understand that information and knowledge are not the same. Yes, we will access public information from various sources and databases in various languages (OSINT – Open Source Intelligence) but we will also go far beyond that to speak to those closest to our target area who can add insight to information (Humint – Human Intelligence). This combination of primary and secondary research allows us to draw a complete picture of the business opportunity ahead.



Sphinx Research & Consulting

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Tel Aviv, Israel, 6910712

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